Jonathan Hancock, former World Memory Champion, two-time
Guinness World-Record holder and former Deputy Headteacher

“The science of memory is key to helping students learn”
Neuroscientist Catharine Young – Neuroscientist and Senior Advisor for
Science and Innovation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The Guardian 2015

What is AJMC?

The Asia Junior Memory Championship (AJMC) is an International competition brought to you by the collaborative efforts of the Singapore Scholastic Trust (SST), SIMCC, The Learning Skills Foundation and the Junior Memory Championship (JMC), UK. AJMC is the premier memory competition for children in Asia, where students are introduced to powerful learning and memory techniques. The competition is open to all students between grades 4 to 8. The competition will be conducted by Jonathan Hancock, Founder of Junior Memory Championship (JMC), UK and Asia’s largest, international contest organizer, Henry Ong.


International contest organizer, Henry Ong
International contest organizer, Henry Ong


Memory is one of the most crucial skills for a child’s development in education, concentration, and daily activities. Children with weak memory skills find it hard to focus in classes, retain information or understand concepts efficiently, which could be an important drawback, especially in their education. AJMC will help train, guide and enlighten students with the most effective techniques researched and devised by the World Student Memory Champion and two-time Guinness World Record Holder, Jonathan Hancock.


Jonathan Bruce Hancock is the Founder of The Junior Memory Championship. A two-time Guinness World Record-Holder and former World Memory Champion
Jonathan Bruce Hancock is the Founder of The Junior Memory Championship. A two-time Guinness World Record-Holder and former World Memory Champion

“You don’t simply learn to learn by learning! You have to have access to a range of strategies; encouragement and space to try them and find the ones that work for you; and opportunities and motivation to put them into practice. When you see them work, like I did at school, your approach to learning is never the same again.”

–   Jonathan Hancock



International contest organizer, Henry Ong


“I spent most of my teenage years being unaware of memory techniques and did a lot of hard work and never achieved the results I expected. When I went to university, I learnt several memory techniques that made study a breeze and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, High Honors in Finance in just 2 years and even won the Southern Illinois University Presidential Scholarship to read my MBA in International Business. I spent more than 20 years trying to find ways to help students to learn better and now, I am delighted to bring you Jonathan’s contribution to mankind”.

–   Henry Ong



How does AJMC work?

The initial stages of the competition will be conducted online with a series of fun, unique and creative tests.  These online tests will take place from March 19 to 29, 2019. The qualified children will proceed to the National Finals in each country. Finally, the last event will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur in July/August 2019.  The top performers will get an added benefit of competing with some of the top Asia memory champions!

“Memory Tricks and Techniques to Boost Students’ Learning”

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